The Best Healthy Weight Loss Habits You Should Know

Healthy Weight Loss

Not knowing or understanding what is true in regards to weight loss can and often does cause people to adopt the wrong practices that sideline healthy weight loss habits. It’s our goal touch upon some of these misconstrued facts, to educate and alleviate any fears you might be having about your future weight loss. Here are several findings that you may not have known before now.

Potatoes, rice and bread are not fattening

This is one of, if not the biggest weight loss myth we’ve ever come encountered in all our years of diligent health-wellness research. People often mistake an ingredient’s fat content with the method of cooking and the high fat toppings or spreads that are added to enhance flavor, making certain food items more fattening than they really are. A single tablespoon of butter or mayonnaise adds up to and including 100 calories, which can add up faster than you think. When these foods rumored to be fattening such as potatoes, rice and bread are taken in amounts recommended they are as good if not better than many other healthy foods. More so unlike wheat, millet they are missing the large amounts of fiber, meaning unpolished rice and real wheat bread are more appropriate options for enhancing your weight loss diet.

Eating fewer meals slows weight loss

If you choose to skip meals and still expect to lose fat, than you’ve become the victim of one of the most foolish notions to be thought of as true. Missing meals or skipping certain food groups all together only results in the loss of your personal energy, which will in time lower your health and wellbeing to a point that your body will begin to retain more fat than expell. Fasting and long periods between meals is a great way to lose weight, unfortunately that weight comes from muscle and water retained by the physical form. The body’s science is a simple machine, when food is scarce it will retain as much fat as possible to ensure your survival. When you eat regularly and or several more times than what it is accustomed to partaking it will register the increase in sustenance and begin expelling the reserved fat it uses for energy.

Nuts are an amazing weight fighting tool

While on a weight management program we’ve found that consumers tend to avoid nuts and dry fruits, for some reason. An impartial study revealed that many people think of nuts as fattening, equating their protein being tied to complex fats. Nuts and seeds are, however, an incredible resource for vitamins such as E, K, and mg which are very beneficial for heart health. Nuts are also one of the easiest sources of protein and fiber you can ingest while on a diet, given that a small amount is highly satisfying and very filling. Nuts and dried fruits constitute an extremely healthy snack food or meal supplement. Almonds, walnuts, dried apricots and figs are a fun and satisfying means of replacing sweet deserts and snacks.

You can lose weight even while eating out

Often these days people have precious little time to devote to cooking healthy meals in the privacy of their homes. Work. School. Social and romantic endeavors, they all stress and rob you of hours you should be spending creating healthy alternative meals to an otherwise fat rich diet. If you relate to that statement at all, than likely you find yourself eating out once or twice a week. And while you might be tempted to order the most comforting and rich food available to battle the stresses of life, I can safely assure you that there are hundreds of healthy alternatives you could order from any menu, anywhere.

One has to become accustomed to reading and analyzing the ingredients of any dish they wish to order, and be willing to modify that dish to better suite their health wellness. E.g. Having non-creamed soups; Ordering Salads without fattening dressings and cheese; Choosing vegetable based sandwiches over fattening meat laden ones.

Low Fat or Fat Free doesnt have to taste bad

A common misconception about low fat or fat free alternatives are bland or tasteless. This is often thought of in regards to low oil cooking. In reality, foods that are prepared with minimal oils or fats can be just as tasty when compared to the standard preparation. Using curd based, low fat spreads, vegetable dips, low fat milks instead of heavy creams in gravies, butter alternatives, and the right amount of spices and or seasonings – any meal you prepare can be greatly tailored to help control and maintain your weight while still tasting delicious.

Steamed foods are another great way lower fat intake while creating a hearty side or meal. Popcorn is another tasty whole grain snack that is affordable and filling while not being heavy on fattening ingredients.

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